Until now you saw pictures of the remake in cancer (white) mode. Time for the real deal.

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    Is this the ++ experience?
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    @alexbrooklyn This is Apple's dark mode implementation for natively-built apps. I want this to be the thing for everyone, I hope this is okay though...
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    @OmerFlame I'd say it's not, but the Big D shall give his answer
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    Do I see just “+” and “-“ instead of “++” and “—“?
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    @Cyanide yes, SF Symbols 2 doesn't have ++ and --, I am sorry for that. Might be in the future, idk.
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    I can see this ending badly, although we do have unofficial clients on other platforms (Windows / web / cli), but that might just be the lack of direct competition, so who knows, the powers that be may let it slide.

    @dfox any comments on the subject?
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    @C0D4 yeah, thanks. It’s fine to play with the app/api, we just don’t allow releasing any devRant-related apps to any of the app stores. I’m not really sure what the goal is here so can’t comment much more than that, but playing with it for educational purposes/experimentation is definitely fine.

    In terms of unofficial apps, we’ve only allowed them on platforms we don’t provide official app for.
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    @dfox though I don’t think I will release it to the App Store (I need a paid developer account), I do wanna release the source to GitHub, will you allow that?
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