Trying Laravel for a few hours...
God I hate it... everything is in dumb places, need to do 3000 things to get something to work that'd take me 5 things in CakePHP... and my folder structure is already cluttered af D:
How do people like this turd D:

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    I can remember just 2 years ago that Laravel was praised here. Funny how things can turn around, huh.
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    @theuser I never praised it... back then I already hated it for it making absolutely no sense...

    Then discovered CakePHP, stuck there for like 2 years.

    Now I wanted to try something new (as the CakePHP ecosystem is kinda barren), so decided to give Laravel a new shit...

    Surely they'd have improved on it all riiiiiiiiiight?

    (spoiler alert: it still makes 0 sense)
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    I just left PHP altogether, that helped a lot
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    @010001111 I can't find a language I like more than PHP :p
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    If you're used to fight with a sword, fighting with a two hand battle mace will be hard for you... Malus Malus Malus.

    Pen & Paper RPG wisdom.

    Meaning... You need to learn stuff and _not_ try to apply your expectations from your previous experiences.

    Trying to hold a two hand weapon with one hand would end ... Bad. Like inthe white bone stuff shouldn't be outside your arm bad.

    Every framework has it's pros and cons, but it will take a long time to grasp it.
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    @FinlayDaG33k js, kotlin, go, C#, python, you name it...
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    @IntrusionCM True... but with CakePHP vs Laravel is feels like CakePHP is a sword and a shield that I hold in my hands, and Laravel feels like a two-hand battle axe that somehow must be wielded using my feet...

    @010001111 I do a decent amount of TypeScript (cus I make websites a lot so... yea...), Kotlin I use a tiny bit for my Minecraft Server...

    I dislike Go, feels, the syntax like it's made by a bunch of gophers.

    C# I used to use a lot but didn't suit my needs.

    Python I occasionally do for demonstrations surrounding cryptography (mainly cus it works nearly with Jupyter).
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    @FinlayDaG33k I know that feeling. ;)
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    @mcfly I mean, I guess you just don't know any better then :p

    I've tried a variety of frameworks but so far, CakePHP is the only one I like because it's really simple...

    It does a lot of tedious things for you as well but if you don't want it to do that (either for a specific action or just at all), you can tell it to stop doing it :)

    Symfony was pretty alright, Phalcon was "decent", Fuel tried to be too different... but Laravel... feels like it's made by a bunch of hipster donkeys...

    Only real downside (which made me re-consider trying a different framework to begin with) is the rather small community (and as a result, pretty lacklustre ecosystem)
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    I don't get your real problem with it, it works perfectly fine, is adapted for large scale and is very clear ?
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    Give Rails a try. It’s like Symfony, but in Ruby, and it’s quite a bit nicer. Good community, too.
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    @Lyniven I seriously can't make any sense of it...

    Been looking at it all day, but everything required me to go 1 step forward, 200 steps backwards.

    It took me an entire day to get a simple two page site with a small theme (ofc, split into smaller chunks) to work.

    Yea no, I seriously can't see how people like Laravel at all...

    @Root I actually use RoR for some specific projects, Ruby is not my fav because well... that honour goes to PHP but it's certainly a reasonable experience that I'm not opposed to using if I have to (unlike Larafail).

    RoR just makes sense where everything is located and laid out...

    (sidenote: CakePHP actually took the concept of RoR into mind when it came along)

    also, 46 more ++'s for root and she'll have an epic score!
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    Check out laracasts best laravel tutorials out there.

    Also are your using homestead as your VM?
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    @katbreitin I did try laracasts but they made little to no sense either :\

    No, I wasn't using Homestead but a custom docker stack (basically just a LNMP stack), but that didn't have to do much with it...
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