- Recruiters are as bad as car sellers
- They are not your friends
- They're not on your side
- The less you ask for a job the more they're gonna get
- Keep your cards on your side
- Don't tell them how much you make (they love to know that)
- Set a salary expectation for yourself and push it
- Expect a few-months long job hunting
- If you know you deserve the salary you are asking for keep pushing.
- Be patient.
- Don't give your 2 weeks notice until you signed already for the other company
- Medical insurance makes a big dent on salary
- Keep applying for jobs even if you are advanced in a hiring process.

So far this is what I've been learning through my current job seeking experience.

I hate job recruiters, if you can, avoid them at all costs

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    This is an insult to car sellers.
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    @molaram haha! This made laugh. Indeed comrade!
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    Car guy is actually interested in you a bit more I think. For similar reasons, but generally if he's any good and you say you want a red car.... he might actually find you a read car.

    Recruiters, I don't think I've met more than one who I felt actually heard anything I said.

    I'm still getting hammered on LinkedIn for Java jobs ... because I noted JavaScript on my resume.
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    @N00bPancakes what's a java? (TM)
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    @molaram I think it is some sort of new replacement for markdown or something....
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    @N00bPancakes @molaram I've heard is a new js framework...
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    It took me ~0.17 nanoseconds to upvote this rant

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    @uyouthe Right now I'm on 3 different interview processes, did great on the skill test/interviews. I made the mistake to tell the recruiter my current salary and he is trying to lowball me to this company. And he is like "Look man, I am on your side, I also have a family and stuff, you asked for this but the company is offering this (I'm pretty sure the company is not even aware). But given your salary, you are asking too much.

    I'm pretty sure the company is ok with what I am asking... but this good for nothing man in the middle recruiters just want their free slice of cake

    The other 2 companies have been silent for 3 weeks.
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    Post up fake resumes, meet them in dark alleyways, and be the hero we need.
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    when a recruiter asks me how much I earn, I tend to just make up a number, a realistic one but not my actual current salary (though I am unemployed atm).

    eg. when they ask me how much I make atm I just go like yea, about 3.5-4k a month.

    It's a realistic number for a dev though faaaaaaaar more than I actually made :^)

    Either makes em bail really quickly or gives me a big chunk of negotiating power for the salary I want to push (cus what recruiter is gonna say: "you can run the same amount of hours at this company but you'll earn about 1k less")
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    @SortOfTested A software developer vigilante? Where do we fund the project?
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    I hate them too. Most of them even don't understand the job they are hiring for.
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