Did you know, any time you copy text on Windows 10, windows saves the url of the page you copied it from?

Don't know where it is saved, or how long it is cached, but the more you know.

Steps to replicate:
Go into your browser, copy any text from any site. Close the window.
Open one note. Paste text. Theres the url.

I think clipboard saves the url when you copy text from a browser, dunno. but its interesting.

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    Sounds like some kind of setting. I copy ton of stuff but never got the URL tagged along.
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    It's not windows. It's the websites overriding default "copy" action.
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    @iiii Actually it's a MS office feature. You can also disable it.

    On another note windows also stores a lot of what you copy -> press win+v to see it. I've been in love with these changes since they released them.
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    @gibus oh, interesting 🤔
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    @gibus win-v does not work for me though.
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    @iiii Depends on your version. It's a fairly recent addition AFAIK
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    @Jilano well, my win10 updates frequently but it's on non-beta update channel but on business channel so maybe some bleeding edge features aren't here yet
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    That's because the clipboard doesn't actually store the data - else you couldn't copy multi-gigabyte files so effortlessly. It stores the process you copied from and a (more or less) opaque reference to the data, provided by the program.
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    You can also access the copy link if you paste the content in OneNote. I have tried this and it works perfectly...
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    @iiii I am pretty sure you have it. You have to enable clipboard history in the settings (maybe google it).
    It's an extremely useful feature that I use daily
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    @Lor-inc It depends for files it's just a reference. But text and images are entirely stored in the clipboard (otherwise text would get lost after closing the browser).

    For those interested check out FlyTech Videos on YouTube
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