Signed up for a coding contest that starts at 9am. I’m bad at timed code challenges, but I’ll never get better if I don’t push myself.

Woke up in a panic, thinking I’d overslept... 1.5 hours after falling asleep.

This is definitely not going to help matters. Thanks, brain.

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    “Thanks, brain.”

    That is meta. A brain thanking herself.

    Side note: I get you. Anxiety is an asshole. Have some water. It helps.
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    I hope you get some sleep.

    Experienced those sometimes if I feel like I won't wake up on time for something important.

    What I did. If I have to wake up at say 8. I put an alarm for 7:45, 7:50, 7:55 and 8. Somehow it tricks my brain that hey you will wake up in time don't worry.
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    @iamai Got another 4.5 (which is unusual for me because i usually can’t go back to sleep once I’ve woken up)!

    Funnily enough, having multiple alarms like that is my usual modus operandi. 😅
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    You can do it ! 💪
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    Predictably, I did awfully!

    But it's okay!
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    That's fine. Try and try, you can only get better with practice. Good luck on the next one!
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    @iamai Thanks, friend. :)
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    @AmyShackles that's ok, just don't give up trying it ✌ .

    PS: good one with the expanse. currently digging into season 3
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    @JhonDoe Best. show. ever.
    Better than RWBY somehow. 😬
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    I feel your pain. I remember started out programming being scared and anxious coding under the clock or not feeling able to problem solve. I'm glad you got through it. I have several times I did terrible on coding interview hackerrank assessments and challenges in the past months. Sometimes I still get anxious from them and try to study and practice
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