This is a test rant. 2 keys stopped working without warning, so I'm trying 2 get used 2 using the new, remapped layout.
I mapped W to rightmost of the top row and 2 to the 2nd rightmost, both of which were previously diacritic versions of existing letters.

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    Technology sucks, technology works.
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    This is a test comment.

    Unlike OP, who knows the reason behind his rant, I don't know the reason behind this comment.
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    Is an external keyboard on the way?
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    I got one, but - unlike children - clean table surfaces are scarce where I currently live.
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    So I mostly just put the laptop on my lap or maybe a book.
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    I used sharpkeys for that, then got external keyboard.
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    @Pogromist Eh, xmodmap does all I would ever need and then some.
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    Am I the only one who didn't understand what diacritic is?
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