Waiting in line for a CT scan of my wisdom teeth, I have to remove it.

Me and @hardfault in this bitch together.


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    Count me in for next..
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    "I have to remove it."

    That's some shitty insurance.

    "No sir, you have to do it yourself, but I can walk you through it over the phone... get a pliers.."
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    *laughs in supreme genes for good teeth*
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    Damn I'm next in line
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    @N00bPancakes I think there is a minor misunderstanding 😂

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    teeth_removal_people++ going to do mine within 9 weeks
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    You sure you need to remove it though ?

    I'd suggest a second opinion.

    When they said to me to get some of my teeth removed (An extra one grew too !), I got a second opinion and they said "Don't!".

    Years later those teeth are fine, and that extra one, it moved around and filled in a gap where I lost one !

    I wonder, did it grow there on purpose..

    I think some modern medicine is too knife ready..
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    Don't listen to Nanos guies, his teeth took over and they're in control now! The Nanos we know is trapped inside of a body he can't control run by rouge teeth!
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    Reminds me when I got my eyes checked out.

    First eye specialist:

    "Oh my goodness, there is something wrong with your eyes!"

    Second eye specialist:

    "Nothing wrong with your eyes, let me write a note to your previous specialist telling them how to use their equipment correctly.."
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    @Nanos depends on how they are, mine is almost headed straight sideways into the rest, in that case it's an obvious removal.
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    @Nanos the tooth is horizontally locked, dude. It’s growing into another tooth and food is getting stuck there, gotta get it removed.
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    *Laughs in perfect teeth*
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    @sudocode *cries in broken code*
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