So for my school's annual interschool symposium, I hacked together an app to scan QR codes and keep track of who's taken their refreshments (It was pizza.) If it's been scanned once, it'll show an error. Easy enough, right? Wrong.

So the team at the counter took a screenshot when my app showed "Approved" and whenever they wanted a pizza, they showed the guys their screenshot. Result? Over 70 pizzas weren't counted. And I bore the wrath of my teacher *sigh*.

What the hell could I have done?

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    I guess it should have been inversed then - make the guys giving the pizza read a QR code (or a short password, or anything that identifies the device) so it appears on their screen.
    Give an alternative code in case the screen is too blurry or unrecognisable.
    They would likely be slower and make a bit of a queue, but it should fix your problem...
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    I think the QR must be read before and at the delivery place. Also, you could manage it through credentials (Ex. Your school assigned email/number), and the guys that deliver the pizza, have a terminal, where they receive "notifications" of a new order, that way, you can only "ping" once with the QR and the guys will be notified.

    What? You came for pizza? But there's nothing on here for you on the list! Move on! 😁
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