So Pubs are open again I Ireland.. went to n that were all booked out.. but after 40min of wandering around I got a single corner in one of them.

Let me tell you one thing. You might pour good pints but NO ONE can serve a pint like an Irish pub. Soooo gooood and creamy.. fuck, i missed this.

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    Actually, I was really pissed off and angry when I left my apartment. Right now I’m just happy..
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    A true triumph of the human spirit. 🍻
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    I’ll drink to that 🍺
    Missing me some Guinness right now.
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    I’m still bloody envious that you live in Ireland. Ugh.
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    @Root 😔Hope you get a chance to relocate to here some day..
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    Here in St. Petersburg we have a so called “aerolatte”, that’s a latte coffee that has the EXACT texture of Guinness. Only one coffee shop serves it and it’s FANTASTIC
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    Looks nice, even though I am from the Czech Republic. Kingdom of beer. :P
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    I tried reading this with an Irish accent and I came to 2 conclusions:

    1. I absolutely fucking died laughing
    2. I absolutely died laughing because I have such a bad Irish accent.

    Though my American accent is widely thought to be good lol.
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    @Lexter Czech Republic, Belgium and Ireland should never fight over beer. Let the pretentious boubas California and France fight over wine.
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    No country owns beer anymore, because the best beer that's ever been made is being made by a thousand different parties at a time, all over the world. Japan, the US, Colombia, Czech Rep, and a dozen other countries whose beer had been historically ridiculed, are now making incredible beer.
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    @uyouthe the dutchies have more draft breweries than Belgium now! If you ever see this one 'De molen - hemel & aarde' try it. Don't know if they have it in Russia but I did drink it in Ukraine
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    All that time no pub for you guys? Damn. It's open here for months now. When I had my first beer in a pub after a long time I was like 'they never take this away from me again'
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    @rooter yeah right? Here in South Australia the pubs didn’t close at all.


    Oh an BTW, with all the countries mentioned; no one bothered to mention Germany ?
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    @dder that's the reason you guys have kangaroos and we don't. Kangaroos know we're idiots. Millennias ago there was a kangaroo population world wide. The same happened to them as what happened to us. Technology, social media. They even had hovercrafts with paling in it. But, they had a binding referendum and the majority voted 'Destroy everything, we go back to hopping around'. You can just ask this to a kangaroo by speaking a khoisan language. No one ever tried. Now they're just staring and smiling at us.

    About the beer: Germany has a reinheidsgebodt which kinda means a beer can't be very special imo. Other countries have that beer too
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    @rooter wel I think because of the Reinheitsgebot (German purity law) it is even more interesting to see and taste what you can do with just that small amounts of ingredients
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