Recruiter writes to me on LinkedIn for a job

Have an interview with the recruiter, everything smooth

Then interview with the HR of the company, everything smooth

Then the HR talks to the CTO, and the CTO is like "mmmmh this guy works as a consultant, I don't like this. Yeet him".

This absolute madman out there not giving a single flying fuck about consultants, head hunter, HR, only pure coding, literally living the dream.

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    that man impresses me.
    - fuck all this overhead
    - people over processes
    - working software over comprehensive documentation
    - people who are working on the software over hordes of "experts" talking about it

    actually, when you have good architects, and good community of practice in your crew, that might work

    when you dont, it'll be a catastrophe.

    oh shit, im talking like a consultant already
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