Fiddled since the days of DOS, fell in to the world of Linux ~15 years ago, fiddled some more.

In 2010, though, I jokingly/enthusiastically commented on @anderwebs twitpic about how he was adding theming to the ADW Android launcher and I was excited about a BuuF theme for Android.

He replied with something like, "cool, you gonna do it?". And I thought to myself, sure why not...and I did. Great learning experience.

Since then, I've stuck doing more of the systems/backend side of things...and I still, to this day, wouldn't consider myself a programmer as I'm not proficient in any one language....I'm a copy/paste weekend coder. I take advantage of software and my skills to manipulate it whenever/however I can.

I need some inspiration to move forward with my education and immersion with programming. I continue to take intro courses, but have not gotten to an advanced level.

Any recommendations for getting started with Android programming, without using much Java? I'd imagine I would have really gotten in to it if it had been Python, for some reason.

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