Company: Hey finish off that degree and we will hire you as a "real developer".

Me: Hey I finished my degree and I applied for that internally posted developer position. How about making me a "real developer" now.

Company: ...

Company: ...

Finally replied today with generic email template thanking me for my interest and applauding me for my skills but sadly informing me I don't meet the requirements for the position.

W.T.F 😑

I think I might be done with this company.

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    "So sorry, it appears the bar has in fact moved. We do encourage you to obtain a master's and try again, though."

    Sorry that happened to you. The upshot is at least you know what a politely worded fuck off sounds like now.
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    @SortOfTested Not the first time they have moved the bar and not the first time they have given me that polite cloak and dagger message. But yeah....

    It is the first time since getting my degree which was supposed to fix the headache.
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    That's rough.

    But sadly a lot of companies really aren't focused on developing folks internally, that's too much effort for them.

    They rather look at their teams and say "hey they're working for X, why should I pay more".

    Meanwhile HR and the hiring people industrial complex gets high fives for not expending resources on existing staff... and high fives for hiring new folks.

    So you can see where the money is...

    A long time ago a company I worked for found two interns we thought were great. We hired them, then a few years later it was an absolute FIGHT to get them paid more than 'hired after being an intern'.... mostly because I think they saw everyone who came through that system as cheap labor and had no concept that you'd pay them more later....
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    @N00bPancakes exactly. And it wouldn't be so bad if our CEO and company weren't hyping up like "we have acquired such great talent and we want to do our best to keep it".

    Give me a raise. No.
    Give me a new position. No.

    Cool empty words as usual. Good to know.
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    @bhouston Yeah it's frustrating when they talk like that but don't follow up.

    Best you can do is keep improving, and look around when the time comes. It's frustrating but now you know the lay of the land there.
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    @SortOfTested Is there a word in our dictionary to describe you laughing because it hits too close to home.
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    should probably be illegal to make promises like that.
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    That's why you get it in writing. You can pursue that as bad faith negotiation, which is in fact illegal and subject to civil penalties.

    It becomes dicey with employment because our legislators are shit. One side consistently guts protections and rights to representation, benefits, fair working circumstances, predictable hours, family leave, healthcare etc for all workers and push "at will employment" and "right to work." The other side claims to fight for workers rights, but only actually cares about the low end of the pyramid and only superficially at that; they're invested in having a large population of people making poverty level wages to keep the fight alive.

    What it boils down to is the odds of you arguing against the clean hands doctrine in civil court in an employment case with nothing in writing is basically 0.

    Tl;dr I hope they never legalize, cause then High Times won't have anything to fight for.
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    @SortOfTested I engage with the legal systrm not because I care about the law (I dont lol) but because its an annoyance.

    be me.

    blue and orange morality.

    stuck surrounded by people who believe in wrong and right instead of doing whats good for them regardless of what the guys in suits say is good or bad.
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    I stick with *emigrated to better country
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    you fell for the *insert random requirement* trap
    it's just a stalling strategy - nobody cares about the random requirement, the actual thing they wanted was to have you spend more time without getting promoted
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