Do you also feel dirty when a client asks for something that completely defats the purpose of the main feature?

yet you "patch " it because "it's a big client after all" and they can't be bothered to do a simple two number addition.

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    Just to suffer.

    Time for third impact.
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    Have had the luxury to not be dependent on client that way.

    Last job we built a cloud service with over 1000 customers, no single customer was large enough to be able to demand anything we did not believe would improve the service.

    And the current one is the company’s own webshop and so far we have not had any really bad ideas from above.
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    Never get emotionally invested in a project, you're gonna get cucked in time.
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    @3rdWorldPoison I wasn't emotionally invested, I was assigned a task:

    "clients need this very concrete feature A to add these B records"

    > Do it

    "Yeah this client wants you to subtract C records from B records and also sprinkle some J records on top, but don't mess up the other's flow"

    > Kinda defeats the original idea, but whatever

    "Yeah see this J record that's now besides this specific B record, those need to be subtracted or added sometimes"

    this is no longer the original feature, it's frankencode.
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    @JKyll oooo that hurts. That's some hacky territory right there. I'm assuming the client is a business oriented firm. Because in that case, we usually just supply them with a utility application that does all the botchy stuff.

    From the looks of it, the client is literally asking for a database management software. I'd blame the QA for not extracting information.
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    @3rdWorldPoison I blame management
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