Pixel 4a 5g
what’s with the phones name these days

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    {Series} {Model} {Feature_Variant}
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    It's weird.

    But the a line is like the old Nexus line ... they're fabulous / reasonably priced / the 3a was available at sale prices fast!
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    It's like SemVer, honestly...
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    This is what you're complaining about and not the ridiculous iPhone names? Lmfao
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    More examples:
    • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G
    • Samsung Galaxy A71 5G UW
    • Samsung :)
    • LG K8 V
    • Yezz Billy 4.7
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    What's the problem? In 2013 there was a model called Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE Advanced.
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    @Stuxnet equally ridiculous agree
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    It's a very descriptive name tbh
    Short, tells me exactly what I want to know about the device
    I don't see what you dislike about it
    So much better than XR Pro Max or whatever the crap iPhones are called (or for that matter, intel processors)
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    @RememberMe it's literally no different than if they called it Pixel 4a XL, which is basically what the 4a 5G is
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    @Stuxnet yup. though XL was a nice name too. I generally like Google's names, they tend to not go for ostentatious bullshit or stuff that looks like it's ripped from an engineering analysis report.
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    Yes, Nokia 1100 sounds better
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    I was thinking
    {series} {model no} is good enough

    if we want more information model no can tell that

    Also the new phone should be named
    Pixel 5
    Pixel 5a
    ( like previous version where Pixel 4 and pixel 4a )

    that’s it, it’s known new models has 5G
    It’s a feature.
    Why they are like let’s keep the old name and just add 5G.
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    @RememberMe i loved the time when apple was like “you know the name of phone we are releasing,, you guessed it right it’s
    iPhone {a single no}”
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    @hardfault they do that because Pixel 5 is a different phone (which just got released). 4a 5G is an extension of the 4a. Not even close to the same thing.
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