All tech department was really happy when we used Github Projects - managing a project was concise and organised. We loved it.
Then one day, product pushed us all to switch to the fuckin' conglomerate mess called Jira (fuck you Atlassian), which we still hate. So cumbersome, so much unimportant crap features, unintuitive interface, slow .... yes, fuck you Jira, again.

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    vertical integration is a bitch.
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    Management can't report on a GitHub board 😉
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    Most management can't report on jira either, ime.
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    @SortOfTested true, but they think they can.
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    Forgot to mention - we still use GitHub to version our code (at least that, thanks God), but use Jira to manage projects, so we lost this beautiful seamlessness we had in the GitHub ecosystem :(
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    @2beens ah, I know that setup all to well.

    Might be of interest to get some of that productivity back if you can convince someone to set it up.

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    @C0D4 Yeah, we are still adapting to this change (I mean, developers, product team allegedly likes it and sees the benefits). We know about these as well, but have not yet imposed any rules.
    But still - we do miss the power Github provided us with managing project, our source and knowledge.
    @COD4 thanks for info :)
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