Every school computer lab.

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    These were in my computer lab...
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    In my primary school we had shitty XP with nearly 1GB of ram and dualcore Pentium. Now in high school we have PCs with 4GB of ram and quad i5, so it's like heaven compared to my primary school.
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    Meanwhile my schools pcs are equipped with i5 prozessors, but the whole calculation is done one a server.
    OS: Windows, Ubuntu or Lubuntu
    Browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome.
    Office: Microsft 2013 or Libreoffice
    Cablemanagement: Don't jizz to much, please
    Noises? Only the working students on theirs pcs
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    In my school we got Windows 7, Ubuntu 16.04 and Mac OS 10.4
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    @justJ my high school had good PCs. 8GB ram, core it's (gen 2, newest gen at the time), good displays, and the stuff. College meanwhile is still stuck on XP with 2/4 GB of RAM.
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    And funny and sad! It is bad when the equipment and technologies that students should be taught do not correspond to modern realities. But such nuances should be taken into account and checked at the stage of choosing a school, such a situation would never have happened at school https://www.bischool.com/ :)
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