Why code review is important.

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    story of our life
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    Any programmer who compares (or thinks he does, as in this case) a boolean expression with 'true' deserves to get his ass kicked by a robot.
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    @Grumpy where do you see comparison here??
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    @Arlekin Note the words "thinks he does" in my comment.
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    @Grumpy oh well, you are right... i must be really tired, time to go to sleep... on the other hand though... devRant!
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    @NickB Just the variable name would suffice, it will be then evaluated.
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    @NickB well, instead of writing if(murderingRobots = true) you would need if(murderingRobots == true).
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    Or like he said
    if (murderingRobots) { }
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    This is why unit tests are important. :)
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    @Jase Note the words "thinks he does" in my comment.

    (This is the second time I have to write this).
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    @Demiourgos Ouch, the pain! No, no and no again; you should NOT write
    if(murderingRobots == true)
    because that's just as dumb as writing
    if((murderingRobots == true) == true)
    if(((murderingRobots == true) == true) == true)
    etc etc.
    is the correct way.
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    When I was first starting out programming I made the mistake of doing while(variable = true)
    Took me awhile to figure out why I was getting an infinite loop.
    Never again did i evaluate booleans this way
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    Testing in production
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    @NickB Actually, it doesn't, because it like writing
    if (((murderingRobots == true) == true) == true)

    if (murderingRobots)
    is the sane way.
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