Java's System.out.println because it's too effing long to write!
And in general, all of Java because you need an MB of code just for Hello World.

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    Yeah... It basically made my debugging hours a nightmare.
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    Check if your IDE has the sout+tab shortcut, which autocompletes to System.out.println().
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    Well you can statically import "out", and use it as "out.println()".

    I think that makes it pretty much same as using any other logging library.
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    sysout in Eclipse or sout in IntelliJ
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    oR uSE KoTLin

    jk, but kotlin code is dope
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    Too long to write???? Spoken like a true noob! :D

    Do you also name your variables/classes/functions in as few characters as possible to make others lives harder (as well as your own a year down the line when you've forgotten what doStuffFn() does!)?

    It's clear and concise. It's nice being able to read code and just know what it does without having to have spend a year learning it.
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    @yowhatthefuck Love kotlin: same speed half the code.
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    @TedTrippin once you are used dart or kotlin, java code feels too bulky and long. Remember there is no performance compromise for kotlin at least.
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