I kinda wish that Ubuntu Satanic Edition had been more of a thing, and not just like a novelty metal-themed wrapper on Ubuntu with a bunch of metal tracks that fell by the wayside.

Aside from the hellish theming, it should have like all the best open source software to enable all the most perverse and questionable indulgences that any tech person would fantasize about. Obviously with a high priority on anonymity. Would be perfect for this time of year when one might, i dunno, research all sorts of perverse things for cheap thrills, without having to worry about the search history; among other things perhaps. Maybe a dual-boot scenario, where you can boot into it to host your zoom sex orgies?

Yes, I'm aware that any user can completely customize their desktop to their liking with existing theming and software/packages even to create something such as this, but to be complete, it *really* needs that cult following to go with the flavor. Granted, a large community generally goes against the tenants of Laveyan Satanism, but then again, fantasy in a forum shrouded in obscurity seems right in line with it.

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