Devrant is so full of people venting, I want to be an aisle of positivity, something you know you wanted for years on devrant!

First of all, remember that whatever your boss tells you, you should know what you can do and never let them intimidate you!

Whatever your mates tell you, the Issue probably isn't just you.

Remember to listen to many differentstyles of music. Keep Hydrated! Be nice to people, they'll be nice in return.

How about you come into the comments to have some nice talk? Remember: Only spread positivity 🌻🥀🌺

Ps: Havent ranted in such a long time. What's new?

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    ? I can't tell if your joking or serious. You labeled this a rant and well this is dev**rant**

    Perhaps your looking for dev.to?

    Would you consider US finding FAAG are monopolies a positive?
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    Also, don't forget that getting intimidated is just billable time. Since you're only sitting there sad doing nothing consider it a raise. Stay positive!
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    Venting you say...?

    * Votes BinaryByter *
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    Well it's a place to vent & rant..
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    > devRANT
    > positive energy
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    Sorry, but you have misunderstood this platform
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    SPREAD NEGATIVITY you fuckface it’s your fault the prod server is down now fix that shit you little pickle and get this super complex feature done, I NEED IT BY TOMORROW! NO EXCUSES of your wimpy little “but it’s technically not possible” GET GOING of you won’t see your paycheck at the end of the month!!11!1!1

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    What a good post and y'all calling out OP.

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    Work is a great place to meet a new romantic partner.
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    people who don't remember this is linuxer4fun 🤡
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    @Linux Hehehehe yup, its meeeee 😁
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