In the interview process for my current job, I was tasked with multiple small tasks one of which was an AI task (easy one though). Now, most of my work is making the text size smaller so the content can fit in one page as the CTO wants.

I never said I was UI engineer let alone a frontend engineer. Also, there's no design to follow. Damn that.

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    WOW, one of i know forcing designers to fit three sentences into three full screens. I gues both are idiots.
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    Layout is hard
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    @N00bPancakes I agree but that never was in the job description.
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    @rantsauce Yeah that's kinda a common thing for most jobs outside ultra big corporate stuff that can afford to have a specialist in everything.

    It's annoying for sure, but bound to happen to some extent. How much is what matters.
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    We will give you chocolate when you eat vegetables.
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    You're doing important work.
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