If you don’t code at least 12 hours per day,

you are clearly a smart developer

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    "10x developers code for 28 hours a day. 10 developers don't have time to be nice, they walk into a meeting with everyone's pull requests and tickets printed out and make everyone watch as the 10x developer lays them out neatly on the conference room table and literally takes a dump on them, then walks out without saying anything."
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    Hm, coding right now at 22:16 design where designer though it would be good idea having 3 different dropdowns in one menu, looking at your rant thinking i'm extremely dumb developer.
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    I’m coding 24 hours in my mind to pick problem and spend 1-3 hours behind keyboard.
    Give your mind time to process knowledge and delegate it to global consciousness for nice answers.
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    Is 10x still a thing?
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    According to this, my grandma is a smart developer. Wow didn't know that.

    Your fact have a bug in it dude... I bet you are smart developer too.
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    @theuser I don't know, it seemed like a meme from the first time I saw it. But I'm not sure everyone was joking.
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    The maximum I go is about 8 hours continuously (maybe a bit less than that, 7.2 or something).

    The only time I did like 10-12 hours was for my personal project.
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