Point out that removing a "include charger" option from the new iPhone package is not appealing to users with conservative spending habits (me) and users who plan to transition from android to IOS.

"AhaHah you must be poor, poor ppl can't afford to consoom new products every year, I don't care about no chargers AhaAha"

"It'S JuST $30 jUst Buy One @ the StOre"

This is why apple users get a bad rep, apparently not tossing a perfectly functioning phone into a landfill every year makes you poor. My phone doesn't use the new chargers because I actually made a good purchase that has lasted for around 4 years and the only other apple product I own is a macbook, people like these (ain't a few), make me ashamed to be an "apple user" whatever the fuck that means.

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    I rarely buy a new phone... still have a ton of various chargers. Even if not just for a phone.
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    @N00bPancakes how? I literally have one for each device I own. They rarely break and I don't loose any.
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    I think it's a stupid move, especially seeing the margin apple makes on iPhone's and such, I don't think they do it for a good cause, just to save money.

    I do have only one charger, a 4-usb-input one which I bought for like 5-10 euro.
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    @JKyll Do you charge anything else though via a cable that can plug into a USB charger?

    All you really need is the right cable and not a hella old USB charger. You might not get the charging spec spot on, but that costs you maybe a few minutes charging time ... if that.
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    I'm still using my iPhone 6, and I don't plan to give it up anytime soon
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    @linuxxx But then also, I find spending more than about 200 euro on a phone completely fucking ridiculous so yeah...
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    @N00bPancakes my issue is not the extra bucks, or even the charger thing, what pisses me off is the snooty entitled attitude. If the customer wants a charger on the 1k phone package, even if it's to shove it up his ass, add an option to include it.

    I'm glad some Apple users are privileged enough to keep buying new shit and get extra chargers every year, good for them, I'm not like that I like buying things that last and make them last before polluting.

    I know, I'm crazy.
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    I agree, in principle. But I also have consolidated chargers that only vary by the cable I attach to them. I'm for better or worse their target demo. They only included a slow charger with the phones, so I sought alternative options.
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    Wireless charging is where it's at though.

    In a way, I can see why Apple would remove the cable, Wireless charging is where they are going, and you can't force your user base onto new tech when you're still packing old tech in the box.

    But still: dick move Apple!

    I have my iPhone, I also have a pixel 3, and I know which one I prefer to use on a daily basis, but I sure as hell don't buy a new phone every 12 months because "oooh shiny".
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    @C0D4 I didn't think of that, it's possible that's the long term plan
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    Ok brother of Richie rich..
    We r poor though we happy noob
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    @wisecoder ?? Wtf are you talking about?
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