Worst meeting?

A tech review where a senior developer presented my code and slightly modified ui as his own.

Only things he changed were the button colors and title of the app. When he switched to the code, my comments were still there.

It was the worst meeting because my boss said, in all seriousness, "It looks great!" 😦

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    Next time write a joke in the code about how you love bangin' your boss's wife, and give it to your senior dev.
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    Speak up!
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    @sychedelix I did! I asked him why he copied and pasted my work, he said, "I didn't copy and paste your stuff. I only took some inspiration from your work and made my app look like yours." 😦 All with a serious face.

    Then I asked why my comments were in his code. He got flustered, made some stuff up about, "Well, I guess I copied this ONE method and I guess I forgot to remove your stuff and..."

    Nothing happened. No reprimand, no questioning of the senior dev's lack of skill, nothing.

    That's why I left that terrible place. 😉
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    @minimango good for you for leaving!
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    bad that's happened good you 've left . all the best
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    @minimango well good for you then!
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