Star tattoos on knees means "I'll never be on my knees for cops", "I'll never do what cops say" in russian criminal culture. However, these tattoos are dangerous. Russian cops don't like them. If you're just arrived to a russian prison and they see the tattoos (and they see it), they tie your legs the way that makes you knees face the ground, then two cops hold you and drag you around the huge asphalt prison yard until there is no stars on your knees, only the naked kneecap bones or lack thereof.

I have to leave but it's psychologically hard because russia is the country that gaslighted and threatened me into becoming a slave. It's a stockholm syndrome and I want to break it.

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    @iiii It's the random tag so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Russian gulags are alive and well I see.
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    Also, advertising that you hate the police is kind of incredibly stupid. We’re seeing a lot of that here in the states. Lots of noisy, violent proponents of communism, too. πŸ™„
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    That was worth knowing
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    Moral: don't make life-threatening tattoos πŸ˜‚
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    @Root where did I said that?
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    Moral: Don’t get clip art tattoos especially on your knees.
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    @TheSilent does not really justify.
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    @Root people == stupid. IMHO especially Americans (voted for junior Bush twice, have Trump for president now. Have a shitstorm over one dead coloured dude making it all about colour while ignoring the real problems; just look at the 2019 list of dead cops by gunfire. That's a clear symptom)
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    @hjk101 Generally the number of dead people by gunfire in the US is alarming, and the conclusion is pretty obvious IMO.
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    Why is this here?
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    @Lor-inc Amusingly, the worst gun violence is always in cities with the strictest gun control. It seems counterintuitive, but it happens the same way every time.

    Criminals are always going to have guns, outlawed or not. And as they have some basic sense of self preservation, they aren’t as likely to rob someone that might start shooting back. This is why robbing a gun store basically never happens; same with assaulting police precincts, banks, etc.
    But in cities where guns are practically outlawed? Mugging random people, breaking into their houses, etc. is like shooting fish in a barrel. The chance a target has a weapon is negligible unless they are also criminals. So if a criminal has gun, they don’t have to worry about anyone except other criminals, and the cops — and their response time isn’t great. So it’s basically free reign. This eventually leads to gang wars as well.

    So, tighter gun laws lead to increased crime. The tighter the control, the more significant the increase in crime.

    Check the stats; you’ll see what I’m saying reflected in the gun violence numbers (or lack thereof) in every single US city.
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    @uyouthe Dude, you have quite some problems...
    No political shit pls.
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    @Root agree. Advertising hating anything is stupid in general. Why ever advertise it
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