Worst meeting. Hmm..

Embarrassment wise maybe the one where my boss called me the queen of porn in front of everyone. Yes, classy AF. (Just have to know him to know his sense of humor I guess).

Most cringe worthy meeting was probably when our out of state national director came in and basically told us he has no clue what we do nor does her care to learn. We brought up salaries to him as well as we're in the bottom 8th percentile for the industry in our area with HUMONGOUS work loads, like 20 sites per developer at once. This is a huge multi-million dollar corporation, mind you. We told him some of us have to have 3 jobs to survive and he basically said well you're an at will employee so there's the door. He also took phone calls and sent emails during my one on one meeting which we never finished even though he promised to. But he bought us a shirt, so you know, it's all cool. ๐Ÿ™„

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    How the fuck do companies like that stay afloat... i think my office would walk out that day.
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    No patience for that, would walk.
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    I like queen of porn.
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    God if that happened to me I'd have walked away the instant he said it . My workload is moderate and my pay grade is high for a junior , manager respects me and once every couple of weeks we do a quality of life kind of meeting .
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    Queen of porn?
    Well isn't that some compliment.. Granted many men think porn modems look good. :)

    20 sites per. Dev? Sounds like a lot but I guess it matters what tasks it contains :)

    Hm, in that case, I'd probably pull my phone as well and start looking at.. Duno, cat photos.. :p
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    I'd just leave
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    @Ronald they probably won't for long with the release of our new platform. It's going to be very limiting the clients who are used to custom.
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    @Letmecode Not exactly sure. We were all crowded around his desk/computer doing some meeting/training and someone walked by and made the comment about are you guys all looking at porn and somehow I got thrown under the bus and called the queen of it.. my boss is just like that i guess, red sense of humor. This was back when we were a start up, not a corporation, so we were all pretty close and able to joke about things HR would likely fire people for now.
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    @Letmecode I was the only girl for years so I'm used to it and dude humor. I'm pretty laid back and I knew he didn't meant it like in a creepy way so I just let it go but.. yea. At least he's not like that anymore.
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    @CodingPrincess how long have you been in this company and why are you still there after all this?
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    @rheaditi 4 years and we were recently bought out by a huge corporation so it wasn't always this way. They have non poach agreements out with other web development companies in the area so, it's slim pickings for jobs right now.
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