Our professor takes points off our code if we use tabs (not much, but still).
But the best part is having "few" spaces is also a problem. Seems like using tabs we be a solution then.


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    Try not using line breaks as well.
    See if he enjoys reading 100 lines of code in one lengthy single line!
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    Nest ternary statements with streams and lambdas and use method references, generics, and regular expressions whenever possible to increase code readability.
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    If it was her that read our code, she just sets the rules. Just pure evil.

    I still use tabs though.
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    I guess the main lesson learned is how to work in a team that handles a specific code convention. No matter how good a programmer you are, working with other programmers on the same project is also a skill.
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    @teganburns @kanduvisla I set it to 4 spaces. It's still annoying though, particularly when these things are not expressly told beforehand.
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    Try editing yaml files for saltstack with tabs! Error messages are everywhere.

    YAML is space sensitive so nowadays I use spaces everywhere instead of tabs
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    Fack your professor give em one long a2s line of code and ask him to self check it while you watch. And punish that bastard.
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    Forget tabs vs. spaces, just use semicolons.
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