Too tired to rant.

The wasp, remember? yeah I finally got angry yesterday when it showed up again, so today I bought a spray can and sprayed it. mofo finally gave in and left from the window.
The bastard didn't die after half a can, no, IT FUCKING LEFT!


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    Next time try opening a Window and gently hand wave the wasp into the general direction.
    As long as it is brighter outside than inside, it will find its way out.
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    I bet that's not the last of the wasp, he would be back
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    I'm with @yowhatthefuck, the wasp is trying to tell you something!
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    @yowhatthefuck "I'll bee back!" - Waspinator
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    If it wants to go out, yes. It will.

    I think that some animals are zombies… or have cancer.

    Cause they don't do what science wants them to do.

    The last time I tried the clever stuff with sugar water and all that shit, I had to throw away a cup of coffee. Good coffee.

    (Indonesian, wild coffee plant, imported).

    The wasp didn't bother for sugar and took a straight dump in fresh, hot, coffee.

    Like "Yippie, suicide kamikaze bomber".

    If an animal wants to die, let it die.
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    @IntrusionCM Sugar and water for a wasp? That's only when you want to feed bees to help them have more energy to fly home.
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    Only a wasp would say that...

    Conspiracy detected.
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    @NoMad It sounds like, either the spray was weak (unless it was a normal and you're dealing with Asian wasps) or that mf had enough "life" in it to fuck off and die somewhere else. A standard and working spray should either kill the wasp instantly or within the next few minutes (assuming it was exposed to the spray well enough to be impacted by it).
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    @IntrusionCM Nope, people who studied wasps or bees would (like friends of mine).
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    You're no fun. :(
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    @Oktokolo understands and talks with animals.
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    Animals are like IP packets: You don't talk with them - you route them...
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    Are you sure it was the same one? Maybe you have a hive somewhere
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    @d-fanelli I searched for it, and that is what I'm afraid of. But I never saw more than one and there is no noise. But we shall see. I'll call for exterminators if I find another one.
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    @Oktokolo if you read the other rants, you'll notice that that is exactly what I did at the start, weeks ago.
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    When the bug doesn't reach its destination, the routing is buggy...
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