Who amongst you remembers Ultima Online?

At one point probably one of the best games ever made. Even wrote the record for most players online and got in the Guinness Book of records for it. This was during the dial-up days. You kids these days have no idea how slow internet was or how cool it was to hear those three special words, You've Got Mail.

Everquest and WOW dont have shit on this game even if it never really went 3D. There was a sorta blocky 3d but it sucked which is why it failed. Everyone was content with 2d because the blocky 3d was trash in most circumstances.

With Ultima it made you feel like a kinda second life. And it wasn't a chore like Life Is Feudal or many of the other grundy games of today.

My 80 year old grandfather played it all day everyday. That's how fucking good the game was.

I would still be playing the official servers a decade plus, later if they would stop adding unnecessary dlc and they wouldn't have added a pay store.

It seriously pisses me off that I spent years collecting and hoarding rare items that I actually fucking earned and the assholes add a pay store that lets these new players buy the item I fought a boss four hours to get.

It ain't fucking right. It literally makes the rares worthless and my efforts pointless.

EA also rushed Ultima IX so it was buggy as hell and technically unbeatable unless you edited the game to let you cheat. Richard Garriott made the game and bugs and all is a masterpiece. His new game Shroud of The Avatar, not so much but that's a different rant.

I honestly wish EA would go out of business. They have ruined enough of my favorite titles with their incompetent bullshit and greedy cash grabs. If they would just make UO the way it was around the second age or Lord Blackthorn I'd guess a lot of us old-school vets would come back.

But as it is our only real option is to build our own servers or play someone else's which is what I do. Fuck EA!

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    Ultima Underworld II

    Hell yeah!
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    @devdiddydog yup. I love them all. But 9 is my favorite.
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    I sunk years of my life coding shards for UO. Good times.
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    @SortOfTested turns out your a kindred spirit after all. I may have misjudged you. I was Sonoma and was a long time member of the Peoples Army of Sonoma. Did you code official or private?
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    I remember UO.

    It had character like old MUDs did.

    The rest that came after felt like walmart brand online games.
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    @N00bPancakes I miss those good ole days. Nothing has ever really compared to how I felt back then and the connections and friends I made. RIP UO
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    I never played UO, only ultima V, but it was a very good game.

    If you want the real MUD experience I would recommend Medievia, a still running MUD that has been running non stop since 1992

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    Private shard. I never actually played official shards. We had a world of darkness based system.
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    @SortOfTested awesome. I played a lot of private shards over the years. Made a couple of my own as well. Ultima will always be a special part of my life.

    The server your talking about. What was the name? There was this one specific one, I cant remember the name but a woman ran it.

    It was very strict on the RP and had beautiful handcrafted custom maps. It almost felt like a different game.
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