Katie, we get it, you know and like Scala. You mention this often.

It doesn't make you superior to everyone else. And it certainly doesn't mean you have to pretend every language is Scala, ignore any language-specific paradigms and conventions, and bastardise every bit of code you write until it's done in the most weirdly Scala-ish functional way possible even when it makes zero sense to do so.

Stick with the conventions of the existing language & codebase you muppet. Yeah, it's boring and won't turn you on, but it's a hell of a lot more readable than a random bastardised mixin in the middle of another existing inheritance hierarchy.

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    But have you heard about Scala!?!?!?

    One thing that always gets me about language vs language discussions is that ... it's hard to really have them if you don't know what is being compared top to bottom.

    Like almost every discussion is "well this language does X" and I'll just assume that's true but that's just one thing, or three things that are easier / better. Like bro that's not a good reason to do anything different yet...
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    @N00bPancakes Yeah, definitely. I have my opinions like anyone else, but I'm pretty language agnostic at this point tbh. If I join a project and it's using JS, then JS it is, with JS styles and conventions.

    I'll keep the bitching about it for my free time 😁
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    This bugs me also.. copy pasting something from SO, probably js section to c#, just making it work somehow.. dude, we already have codebase styles and conventions that are already from all over the place...pick one, no need to add another & fuck it up further..
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    If Katie actually knew scala, it'd be pretty trivial to get one of the many unfilled positions using it atm.
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    @SortOfTested ..but then she wouldn't be able to lord it over the (insert other language here) devs!
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    I know Clojure. I neglected Scala in favor of Clojure as a cto. Me and Katie could probably have a very nice hatefuck
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    Sounds like the "one hammer fits all" problem
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    @netikras I enjoy trying to hammer everything into java because I'm too lazy to pick up any other language and it usually ends in me drinking zubrowska.
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