My interviewer described the team as very experienced, senior algorithm people, so to make sure we don't waste each other's time, I said I don't feel like a senior. He went silent for a bit. And then he said "It's so refreshing to see some modesty in our field."

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    Job titles are strange things. Their definition can vary wildly.

    For some folks "senior" is just "someone who goes and hashes shit out without hassling everyone and we can trust that it will be ok if they go radio silent for a while".

    Other places "has been here X years"... who knows what it might mean...
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    @N00bPancakes In this case, they can be counted on to complete difficult tasks, meeting the quality requirements within the deadline. So the proper definition.
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    Truth. Never showing weakness has become a hallmark of this trade. Here, you can't compete with people who will check every box on the resume and claim mastery of every topic if you ever admit to any failing or ever take responsibility. It's cancerous.
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    @SortOfTested My fear of looking like a lying idiot is stronger than my will to get a job. So I play it safe. I can't fathom how people have the courage to pretend.
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    Don't change. I don't lie either, we have to push back the tide of bullshit.
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    @NickyBones It's one of the things that can turn me from timid and nice to "I want to fuck your eyeballs out and rip off your skull".

    Seniors who behave they are divine beings and cannot be wrong. And to prevent that, they try to cover every possible answer in a fog. Making someone else a complete laughing stock because the other person has to do wild guesses based on the emptiness of answers.

    I'd rather be wrong than being that piece of cunt who eg says " We could do that but I'm not sure. <Silence>."
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