What’s the point of bitbucket’s existence?.

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    Enterprises use them
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    "the more the merrier"
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    To make you use Jira and automate things.
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    For us to complain about it
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    To revolutionise the VCS system for new Monkeys in the field
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    To compete with GitHub and GitLab.
    Though, now when GitHub allows free private repos, it's a rocky road for BB to have more demand than earlier. But I like the fact it exists, it makes landing on VCS more comfortable in the world where monopolies grow.
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    Well, like Google tools, it's there to be integratable with the rest of Atlassian's software suite, and it certainly provides an edge in the corporate/enterprise world where all-in-one packages are needed.
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    Putting bits of a bucket in a bucket made out of bits of a bucket.
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    Bitbucket exists so Jira has a place to track your code.

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