About coding music.

Sometimes I like music, sometimes I need absolute silence (I wear shooting earmuffs for those times).

But holy crap if a song has that weird repeated fade in fade out the music shit in it, that is NOT CODING MUSIC!

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    Those shooting ear muffs are awesome. Some of the high end ones I've used only filter out high decibels, so that you can still talk without having to take them off.

    Obviously not useful here, but it's really cool to have something that advanced lol
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    I prefer no music but when it get too loud in the office, I put on some random relaxing/study music + some 10h white noise video in another tab (adjust the volume a bit). Fucking perfect.
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    @N00bPancakes oh, I had forgotten about that one!

    Now I'm playing it again and I really don't like that random buzzing sound in the left channel. A couple of times every minute. Never heard it before, but now that I do it's too annoying to relax :D
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    Bonus points if 80% of it is that stereotypical hacking music. Y'know, 5,000 outrun songs? I like outrun, but it's not the correct song when you're trying to code, for god's sake.
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    Everyone here talking about white noise, relaxing or concentration music etc...

    I just blast the DOOM 2016 playlist from spotify on repeat and forget the world exists 😅
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    @N00bPancakes can you provide an example of this fade in fade out shit?

    I just listen to whatever I like in any other situation. Occasionally I'll try some lo fi or ambient stuff but usually not. Also I can't do podcasts or audiobooks when I'm working. Some people can and that weirds me out
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    @vigidis damn you hardcore
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