I have to create an account just so I can switch to dark mode?! wtf is this shit! My blood is already boiling.

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    OP is sus
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    @Jilano I saw him vent to darkmode
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    *bash red button*

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    +15 reeeee points to OP
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    Next OP will join the ++ gang to get the darker mode 😁
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    @F1973 plot twist that's just my Russian alter ego lmfao
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    @F1973 stupid iPhone - can't even take a decent screenshot, your holy shine is heavenly today and it filtered you out.

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    It worked on you ...
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    off to a good ranting start I see!

    Well done
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    I feel ya. But also it's more lovely to sign up here rather than on dev.to just to activate dark theme.
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    Update: I just signed in from another device and all the notification settings are carried over but guess what: NOT THE FUCKING THEME!
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