And if you don't know, now you know

"Microsoft will adopt Google Chrome's controversial Manifest V3 in Edge"


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    That's sucky sucky
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    Mother fucking cock suckers!
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    *Laughs in Vivaldi*
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    This is actually great. The less malicious extensions in a shithole called “chrome web store”, the more people will finally switch to Firefox.
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    @uyouthe but Firefox's engine suuuuuuucks

    Just kidding, I just hate the UI.

    Plus, I made a back-to-back engine benchmark of Safari Big Sur vs. Chrome and Edge and Safari won, soooooooo :P
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    @OmerFlame safari always wins because of their optimizations that break websites. Everything for the speed and only the speed. By the way safari is not blink so Adblock still works there, AdGuard for example is great
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    I hope google is forced to sell chrome and microsoft will buy it.

    It will be a great win after netscape-ie war.

    And I hope they fuck up web browsing again.

    Good luck microsoft I believe in you !
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    @vane 😂😅
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    So what?
    There will always be a browser supporting uBlock Origin and they all are standards-compliant enough for surfing the web anyways.
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    Why would a pure cloud service provider buy a browser?
    Owning a browser made sense back then when Microsoft was selling an OS.
    But if all you want is selling cloud service subscriptions, you don't care about what OS or browser your clients use.
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    @Oktokolo Yeah they are cloud company that’s why they make phones, notebooks, tablets and game consoles.
    They want to hide in cage full of loud crappy servers and user will decide when to use their products or not.

    Dude wake up !!!

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    Wait, they still make phones?
    Its a long time since i saw the last Windows phone.

    And yes, they probably will keep the console business (but you certainly will need an online account to play games and you will only be able to buy them from their online shop).

    Maybe, they also keep making the surface tablets and convertibles - but at some time they will start using an OS wich mostly isn't made by Microsoft anymore and the hardware will just be a brick without a Microsoft cloud account (or jailbreak).

    The desktop OS department is definitely transitioning to become a pure cloud service provider. They aren't there yet. But the direction is clear.
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    Get out of your feelings 😸
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    @Oktokolo You know the difference between marketing and real world or you’re that guy that thinks that movie characters are real people ?

    Either you work for microsoft or I think I remember you’re one of their grupies.

    I write just one more thing. Corporate ( whatever corporation you pick ) don’t give a shit about you as long as you use and buy their products, cause you’re a junkie. They only care about possession of more junkies, more screen time, more data means you spend your miserable life not creating something that can kill their possession of goods.

    Remember the last sentence or write it down.
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    You are pitching "don't be a Microsoft groupie" to someone who is using Gentoo on his desktop and apart from an ancient Windows 7 used as game launcher doesn't use or own anything made by Microsoft - neither hardware nor software, neither privately nor at work.
    Also i don't have a Microsoft, Google, Apple, or Facebook account (and i count appstore accounts too).
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    I'm loving my Pi-hole over here...
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    @Oktokolo okay, good for you.
    You’re sending opposite signals.

    To be back on topic Microsoft position for enterprise stays the same since the beginning that is tools company. They make business productivity tools and they’re mostly great with it. Look how many software tools enterprise use from them so browser with probably same market share as their operating system would be great fit.

    They’re not innovative, they’re good at making tools. Amazon is for cloud what Apple is for personal electronics.
    Google is just really big interactive agency that makes poc / landing pages for prototypes and shuts them down cause they only have marketers and developers but no real executive team.
    That’s my 2 cents about cloud.
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    A browser would indeed be a nice addition to their software portfolio if one is assuming they actually want to keep maintaining their own OS.
    But what is the business goal there?

    Pushing other browsers out of the market didn't work - and they really tried absurdly hard on that. So all strategies depending on having the browser monopoly just don't work.
    Selling browser licenses didn't work well for Opera - even though they had a pretty good browser wich was ahead of its time.

    They could sell the default search engine to Google as Mozilla does.
    Or they could show ads in the browser.
    But both concepts are pretty unlikely to be net positive.

    Google is making a shitton of money with selling ad placements and would suffer a lot if 3rd-party advertising would become near impossible in current browsers.
    So while Microsoft wouldn't profit from having a browser, Google is incentivised pretty hard to keep his 69% browser market share.
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    @Oktokolo Why they don’t want to maintain os that have 87% of pc market share and gives them shit tons of telemetry user behavior data ?

    They can push typescript to browsers, also can push some other standards that can affect billions of people what I think they will try anyway cause now it’s mostly google pushing web.

    They’re great tools company also big one so they understand that you don’t need money from products to have it profitable, you can use it as sales channel for other tools.

    At the end it’s all about accessibility and luring users to your ecosystem ( see appstore, google play, steam, youtube, even windows susbsystem for linux ).

    If you lure user to use your system and you reach critical point of number of users, give them ability to communicate within platform they already invested time so it’s more likely they will stay.
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    You should consider switching to sales if you aren't already there.
    You convinced me that they actually might want a browser.
    They just don't want to be the only ones maintaining its engine.

    P.S.: Browsers really should adopt TypeScript. It adds the good things to JavaScript.
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    How would browser adoption of typescript work? 🤔

    Premise: The typescript compiler and language service are the real value in the proposition. Moving it to the browser brings to mind visions of people writing typescript in notepad and so it just becomes another target people don't understand.
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    Not understanding it did not hinder them to write JavaScript... ;)

    But obviously, the browser would become the IDE to write type script in. Their JavaScript Debugger is pretty good already.
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    I dunno, think that needs fleshing out. TS isn't an executable language with a runtime. Browsers understanding d.ts files would be nice, but ts compiles to js, so you'd need ts -> js -> v8 optimized compilation before it executes in this instance.
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    There was a time where borwsers came without JavaScript. Now they have it and it is fast.
    And they could indeed start in easy mode by compiling TypeScript to Javascript first.
    I don't see any problems there.

    But Google, Microsoft, and even Mozilla, also have the capabilities needed to make native in-browser TypeScript execution happen too.
    Java applets once where a thing. Silverlight was there too. Both could have become more integrated into the browser but i guess we are all happy that they didn't...

    TypeScript has a nice transition path. Now TS is compiled to JS and then fed to the borwser. Next step is that the browsers transpile TS to JS before feeding it to their JIT. Then their JITs get compatible with TS and they feed it the TS directly. Then the in-browser tooling gets support for the added features of TypeScript. And then developers start iteratively building their apps right inside the browser - using it as IDE and debugger (the latter already works fine).
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    I don't know why I don't know this (It's part of my job to know this) but TIL Edge is based on Chromium. I guess I never saw that factoid before and it never occurred to me to check because of the absurdity of it.

    Wow. This is garbage.
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