I miss windows xp. It was so open and so civilized. The times when you actually owned your computer.

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    That's not accurate.

    It's either "the times when many owned my computer" or "the times when I co-owned their computers".

    [hint: trojans]
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    I Found this baby today
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    @netikras as @uyouthe said, it was so open. Very open indeed.
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    @Linux am I missing something or is that screen resolution still pretty good for a laptop? And is that a winamp icon?
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    @Linux that resolution omg
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    Wow, that screenshot is like looking at my PC from the past. ... except Hitman - never got into it back when it came out, instead had the Sims, SimCity 3 or 4 and Driver 3.
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    Coming in with the laptop resolution flex.
    Dell XPS is amazing, but still overpriced in terms of bang for the buck, like every single "high end" laptop out there.
    Don't get one if you have to pay yourself, absolutely get one if the company is paying, just tax money anyway
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    Also yeah, touch screens are a fucking horrible idea on big screens.
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    Man, I miss IGI2
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    I do actually own my computer even today. These days are only over for Windows computers.
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    @Linux Dell Precision M70 with
    - Intel Pentium M
    - Quadro FX Go1400
    - max 2 GB DDR2
    - gigabit lan
    - max 1920 x 1200 display
    - user manual section about what to do if the device is lost or stolen
    - user manual says May 2005
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    As long as you are running non Free Software someone else is dictating what you can do with your device.
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    Excellent selection of apps by the way!
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    Owning your desktop is the same as it was back then: You either have the knowledge how to do it and invest the time - or someone else is doing that for you.
    The only difference ist that Windows is no option anymore as Microsoft is becoming a pure service provider.
    Some years in the future there might not even be a Windows OS anymore. The browser wars are over and any standards-compliant browser on any OS capable of running one can access the cloud just fine - so why maintain a full OS if all you want is selling cloud service subscriptions...
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    Awesome list of programs.

    But besides the hellish Forced Auto Update dogma of Windows 10 - was there actually anything you could do with XP that you can’t do with later versions of Windows?

    Wasn’t much easier to customize stuff back then. It’s always been Control Panel and, for more advanced shit like Right Click Menu options, the Registry Editor

    BootLoaders are roughly the same right?
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    @jiraTicket uefi and driver signatures
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    @jiraTicket I agree, you just have to turn off one thing or another. Also, having WSL to develop on your gaming pc is amazing.
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    You can install Windows 10 with legacy boot enabled and secure boot disabled in the BIOS.
    Driver signature verification enforcement can be disabled in Windows 10.
    You can even prevent automatic updates from happening (but please harden the system first)...
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    @jiraTicket Don't forget the Microsoft account connection that sticks harder than glue
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    Yes all those blue screens and viruses. It was really owned. . . Just not by me.
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