are you telling me
i need to BUILD GTK
like i understand with the small libraries that you can just make + make install in 2 seconds but bruh like if its huge and on my potato pc it's gonna take like a week to build e.g with chrome. bRUH

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    Is this really necessary or you can fetch prebuilt binary?
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    I'm pretty sure you couldn't build chromium without having 20+gb ram a year ago. Idk if they optimized it or not but possibly you can't do it all together.
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    Chrome is an OS. Gentoo requires 3G of RAM and 7G of disk space for chromium.

    GTK builds pretty fast.

    Chrome is... Insane. Like completely retarded insane.
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    @ilikeglue with enough swap and time you can do anything
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    Why do you need to build GTK? What are you doing? 🤔
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