Tell us your story about mastering Js

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    I spent 25 years grinding JS in some dark ass room and now I mostly understand promises.
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    There are no masters of js, just a long list of slaves who "think" they have mastered it.
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    Purescript yo
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    I wouldn't call myself a master of JS. I have jumped into the abyss of JS when I was annoyed of how a framework needed you to define components, directives and sevices. Using TypeScript for everything, implementing shizzle on this framework wasn't beautiful, so I started creating wrappers around this crap.
    I've had to find out when and how to bind functions to a different "this" context and how to annotate functions for dependency injection. The protype hierarchy can get quite hideous...
    I really like the flexibility of JavaScript, but in depth, it is not a language for absolute beginners.
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    @C0D4 is this some kind of personal attack?
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    Nobody 'masters' JavaScript. Whenever you think you understand it, it slaps you in the face with some random DOM error.

    If you ever think you've mastered JavaScript, try building a browser game.

    Those fuckers are just there to hurt you
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    echoing the whole "no masters" sentiments here.

    but what got me to really get working with JavaScript was actually converting it into TypeScript when I had to update an old AngularJS app to Angular 2 for a job. I also came from the .NET ecosystem so that was what put JS into terms I could easily understand.
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    mastering JS

    I read that as "masturbating"
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    What is this? Therapy?
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    @Emmi a peer support meeting
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