true or not....

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    Pythonistas and their over-documentation. Tbh I do that sometimes just to make sure I'm not confused with it at some point in the future, burden of knowledge
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    Yes, that actually is, how most people comment code.
    Writing good comments is as hard as writing good code.
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    This comment is not good enough, what sort of yellow “things”? Why do they even exist?

    On that note I need to work on my comments 😒
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    @Oktokolo writing good comments is actually very easy. Just stop doing it until there is an actual necessity.
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    The comment should say 'Pineapples'.

    Because as always, the code has changed but the author did forget to update the comment.
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    15 word camel case variables for everything!!!
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    I meant the necessary comments.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi the fires of hell are still not hot enough. we must stoke them FASTER.
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