Need advice guys

Where I'm working now I'm the tech lead, but I'm not happy. I want to get deeper into infrastructure and DevOps but I have no scope for that.

I have an offer from another company. A very small raise. Supposedly will lead to tech lead in 6 months after I help them recruit a team. Offered mid. I went back and said because of uncertainty about where the role would head, and coming from where I am, I would accept the offer with the title so I have more confidence about the future of the role.

They came back with a senior role, not tech lead, saying there's no scope for that yet. They also said they envision giving me architecture control and letting me train and drive the cloud process.

But this is all heresay. I could take the role, the project is postponed, there is no team to be a tech lead for, and so no pay increase or opportunity to learn.


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    If you have two years at your current company, I'd try and negotiate for the title. You already have the money, if you're also getting the skills growth it's probably worth it.
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    I'm curious about the significance of 'tech lead' and 'senior role' both to you ... and to them?

    Kinda curious that they imagine giving you the same job in a few months, but won't now ... presumably they don't have much of a team... so I'm not sure what their hesitation is except to assume they want to try you out before then.
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    @N00bPancakes I don't care about the title, it's just I'm used to blockers when trying to introduce things like unit testing, and so I am very suspicious of any job where things are already 'good' in my opinion.

    Senior Vs tech lead then is based on trying to guess how many blockers I'm going to have considering they told me that's where the job would go, it's just a red flag that something isn't right.

    I also asked if it's because of uncertainty on their part and said that's reasonable. But I didn't get a clear answer.
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    Yeah wanting to set the pace / practices, that make sense. If that's the role you want and not what they're offering, I'd be a little concerned.
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    @craig939393 you may don't care for the title, but others do
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    I took the job
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