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    Amen, brother!
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    Says the one who has absolute no clue about js.

    Also, wrong category.
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    Anyone who puts out that argument about any language clearly has too little experience.

    Unless it's PHP
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    Can somebody enlighten me about why js sucks. The only bad thing about javascript I know is dependency hell
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    @Sony-wf-1000xm3 People just being people
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    @example-user BTW you don't use your main account anymore?
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    @cafecortado For the time being, yes

    I login from time to time, but not gonna be active with it.
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    @Sony-wf-1000xm3 Dependency hell is a Node JS problem, not a JS one.
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    @c3r38r170 It’s a community problem, not specific to nodeJS, the hell exists in browser, too
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    php is a pretty good language, javascript is birdshit. thats all i need to say.
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    @Insider If you do not provide a reason why you think that ... your post is just pointless
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    I do not like JS because fundamentals, styles or whatever. I don't like it because pople gone crazy and pushing this technology on places where it should not be, overcomplicating development, floding workflow with that, producing unusable websites with little plus value to the end user. Closing our world for newcomers and so.

    Javascript, in promise, is interesting. In fact and right now? It just suck. And yes, i talking about websites. Not and Apps.
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    @Insider oh man, People won’t like you here if you talk like that about php

    JavaScript is overused and many people do fuck it up badly, but saying it’s „shit“ is an invalid point.

    If used right and with some brain power left, js can be very enjoyable, especially if using typescript.

    JS can also be on the Server, but again, most people just praise it that it can be done, not when it’s actually appropriate to do. Which is in most cases an obvious no.

    Now, get back to your PHP and return an empty object when it’s actually an empty array in your API.
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    Maybe we shouldn't have used a language intended for trivial animations within browsers for literally fucking every computational challenge facing our entire species.

    ... just a thought.
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    well as everything else I don't have a clue about and expect it to work like completely different thing!

    you know like oil lamps are shit, i cannot properly light a cigarette on it like i do with lighter!

    Utterly useless and shitty those lamps are!
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    @ScriptCoded unless it's JavaScript
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    I'm so tired of people on here who have a complete hard-on for programming languages of all things. Shut the fuck up and let people rant!
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    Its pronounced "JesusScript".
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    a lot of my frusterations with it went away when I found my optimal learning style (which is flashcards).

    Theres a lot of annoying minutae to javascript, which unfortunately you have to learn to be aware of.

    like unarys in front of IIFEs...except when using arrow functions.

    or how class declarations have you declare functions as is, instead of as properties, unlike objects.

    or how theres multiple ways to declare classes. unnamed class expression, named class expressions, regular class declarations, etc.

    or the difference between let and var, and const (which isnt so constant).

    or how we have that nasty holdover "regular equality".

    or how object literals are written
    let Foo = {}
    but classes are

    Class Foo {}
    instead of an assignment.

    how you "throw Error()" instead of "throw new Error()"

    how they missed the opportunity to have 'new' be the name of the constructor method, reducing keyword usage.

    and other minor shit that just doesn't make sense to me.
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    @example-user Stop saying "people" please, we are not what you think we are. Hell, there's no "we" besides, you know, ranting and deving.
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    @c3r38r170 WE are a TEAM, WE need to work TOGETHER!

    Or do WE have to make another TEAMbuilding session? WE can also directly push this problem up to the second floor.
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    @example-user There is no WE. There is the Enlightened One (me) and The Plebes (you, they).
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    @Demolishun I feel Offended and have to report this to dfox.
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    Wrong :)
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