R is so freaking fun, but Python... Geez, what a boring language.

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    Boring as in, "hey I got my work done in 3 lines"?
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    @RememberMe ppl complain about everything.

    It's fuckin retarded lmao
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    @Stuxnet yeah. I've heard people say a lot of things about Python, but never "boring". That's like calling a hammer boring. At the very least I'm curious why OP thinks so.
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    What is R?
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    @Lexter statistics language
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    When you reach a certain point in your career, you realise your code being called "boring" is a compliment.
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    I like both R and Python, but I certainly don't find them boring haha. But I can dream R because of my study. They both have specific uses imo: R for reliable and insightful statistics and data analysis/wrangling. And it can create beautiful figures and interactive dashboard easily! Python is the choice for more engineering tasks and ai/ml and also when you want to have external connections.
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    Python is less boring when you insert a tab in a PEP8 compliant source file.
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    Get those python power-tools and make some PEP8 tea.
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