Goddamn SortOfTested be joking about me needing seroquel and here we go, my psychiatrist prescribed me seroquel today.

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    Well SortOfTested SortOfKnowsLotsOfThings!
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    He should have prescribed Linux as well.
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    @Fast-Nop i'm off this shit after actually contributing. Linux can go fuck itself honestly when it comes to my personal desktop. Also nice gender assumption, I rate it solid 7/10
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    It's the standard bipolar med
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    @uyouthe Generic masculinum. You're confusing grammatical gender with biological sex.

    I THE FUCK won't abuse plural "they" because snowflakes don't get basic grammar.
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    @Fast-Nop apache helicopter, we should all know better then to assume gender in this day and age and default to apache helicopter.
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    @C0D4 Though that fails "cultural appropriation".
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    My pronouns I insist you use for me are:

    The Lord, God, Savior, and Enlightened One
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    @Fast-Nop you can't win every battle when the goal posts keep moving. 🤷‍♂️
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    @C0D4 Battles are "toxic masculinity" anyway. ^^
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    Good news, it's been decided that cultural appropriation isn't actually a thing. So you're good for dreadlocks again.
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    fuck sari-shit.

    lithium. lithium all the fucking way.
    and not this braindead 900mgs bullshit either.

    took a third of that daily. and holy shit, I felt the most normal I've felt in ages.

    of course different folks different strokes. ymmv.
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    agree, fuck sari-shit.
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    @Wisecrack lithium has its downsides. I’d never took lithium without say biperidene
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    we should all know better then to assume gender in this day


    FX [ Makes note to include gender in profile.. ]

    FX [ Makes second note to include sexual preferences in profile.. ]
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    Oh wait, what is the PC term for males these days ?
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    @Nanos Dangle Privilege
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    Diagnosed Bipolar at 14 in 1992. Been living with it.

    I’ve tried every drug under the sun. Some sort of work.

    Talk therapy and group therapy for me, is the most effective.

    Ultimately YOU have to learn how to manage this disease. Not your doctor, not your pharmacist. YOU.

    Now, if some drug helps you with the peaks or valleys, great, I occasionally take a citalopram or Xanax, when I have unbearable mania.

    But I urge you to find a therapist who you like. It helped me more than a boatload of pills.

    And I just want to say: YOU CAN LEAD A NORMAL LIFE.

    I’ve got the wife, kids, dogs, decent house and family life. It’s very hard sometimes, but still manageable.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi thank you. I knew all this but I’m just starting my journey
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi I’m right now heavily investing in mental hygiene and using my mania as my superpower
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    @uyouthe I almost mentioned that. It’s not all bad. On the build up to a mania I can code for DAYS straight. And I usually do just so I’ll sleep through part of the episode.

    One more tip. While I swear like a sailor on the internet, I almost never utter a swear IRL. I’ve trained myself to take swearing out of my vernacular.

    So when I’m having an episode, and I’m saying offensive things to people I love... they are at least slightly less offensive.

    If I swear, it’s now a good indicator for me I’m in a mania (because of course we can’t tell at the time), and it makes mending those relationships repeatedly easier.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi oof, this is me. I somehow always ready to fucking verbally annihilate anyone no matter if that’s my mother or a random person. And it’s always immense devastating guilt afterwards
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    @uyouthe “best friend, worst enemy”...

    “Asshole with a heart of gold”

    I can live with that. Just make sure you take care of the people who take care of you when you’re able. And try to be scarce when you’re not.

    Other than that... while it offers temporary solace, booze will only make this worse. You are bipolar, if you haven’t already, quit drinking entirely. It’ll fuck up your meds anyway.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi I was never drunk in my entire life.
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    @uyouthe That’s great!

    You’ve already got a head start on a lot of people. Took me a decade and a stint in county to shake the booze enough to work on the underlying problems.

    Keep at it, it will get better... and then worse... but then better... :)
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    You'll love it. Enjoy!
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    I remember seeing an expensive (But I got a 95% discount being an interesting case !) therapist who reckoned my problem wasn't me, it was all the idiots I was around..

    Recommended I disconnected from them, and life has been so much better without these people in my life !
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    Ive come to embrace it. The lows suck to the point of derealization sometimes but hol-lee-shit the highs are so high I can run five miles without exhaustion, fuck like a machine, take a dozen hits and keep swinging. everything is clearer, sharper, more certain and real and present than before.

    I feel like the man of steel if the man of steel were a sex god.

    the danger (and it can be dangerous) of bipolar highs is high risk preference and promiscuity.

    if you can manage the lows, you can manage the highs. and if you can do that and can tell when its coming on, you can just sleep through the lows, and take full advantage of the producitivity that comes with the high.

    just dont gamble, engage in sports, or go out drinking when you're on a high!
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    I was on seroquel for nine years for sleeping problems (not bi-polar), AMA.

    Few things you should know: It makes your weight fluctuate like crazy. When you go off of it you will probably gain weight.

    Depending on your dosage, it'll might give you nightmares. They prescribed me 0.3mg clonodine to help that when I was on it. Those two together made for the perfect mix for me so I was good for about 9 years growing up.

    Also it can make food taste weird/not at all sometimes (eating pizza for the first time after it was out of my system was like being reborn - I remember exactly where I was and where the pizza was from and what it looked/tasted like, it was that good). Don't freak out if this happens.
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