That satisfaction when you're teaching Python and git to a friend, and not only she actually understands things right away, but she tells you: "It's ok if you don't know this, I'll try to look it up and figure it out by myself".

Every now and then, the world doesn't seem such a dark and gloomy place :)

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    When you start, half the battle is knowing when you can just google it or when you can't and THE WORDS TO USE TO FIND IT.

    Like I think most folks know they could google it, it's just more of a "damn it why can't I find this!?!?" and then "oh gawd that is what they call it".
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    That's the kind of girl I would go out with 😏
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    @ckfy *BONK*
    go to horny jail
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    We all can fantasise
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    @electrineer I don't have to 😎
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