Something which I felt inspirational.. As a programmer or as a Human being, it's our duty to teach others what we know well !
(My Personal opinion)

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    be careful of some angry downvoters around here... who doesn't accept anything else than their imagination ...
    lovely post :)
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    @freshlyfe 😂😂
    They are "Programmic Racists"
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    This just shows that anyone can learning programming.
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    @freshlyfe no, I just actually follow the rules
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    Why do I feel more pride for the homeless then the good person who's helping him?
    For someone getting that low and still have hope...
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    just looked him up, it says he is still homeless :(
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    Well, there are a lot of 'homeless' programmers living in silicon valley. Haven't you seen the articles how Google develops live in trucks or RV's in there parking lot?
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    Nope... Can you provide a link?

    Well if it's a luxury RV...

    My dream RV is based on a buss... Let's just say the jacuzzi looks lovely...
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    @ScribeOfGoD what kind of rules, and where are they stated please show me
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    This is an awesome story. I wish there was more of that happening. I always hate it when for internships big companies just bring in students from top-notch schools who are usually well-to-do instead of seeking out underprivileged people who would benefit so much more from learning.
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    @ScribeOfGoD that's definitely not an actual rule.

    I thought this was a great story... I'm not saying you have to like it but there's no reason it shouldn't be here.

    There's going to be x-posts on every platform. Stuff that has nothing to do with development, tech, or programming isn't allowed but this certainly doesn't fall into that.
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    I love this stuff... And I wouldn't be here if it was just rants... Get really boring fast.
    DfoxMan... Most people from Human Relations didn't had to miss a meal to pay a bill...
    My personal knowledge, the most humble people do the best work and really try to get better...
    Know so many people that can't do simple tasks
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    @ScribeOfGoD What the fuck... why so hostile? Completely unnecessary.
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    @dfox no offense, but if I wanted the same image 3 times a day I'd go to 9gag. I came here to read devs rant about their job, code, life etc
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    Quote Wikipedia: "Grand was able to learn coding, leading to the launch of "Trees for Cars," his own mobile app.[3] The application has the aim of being environmentally beneficial.[5] The app went on sale for $0.99.[6]

    In May 2014, a follow-up by Business Insider revealed that Grand, although earning a little under $10,000 from the app, was still homeless.[7]

    Another follow-up by Mashable found that Grand continues to be homeless. He has less enthusiasm in coding, but wants to get back into it someday. [8."

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    @ScribeOfGoD and that would be a repost. I don't remember ever seeing this before...
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    Or do you mean elsewhere? I mean it is what it is. We have no rule against it and lots of people, including me, enjoy this kind of content. Many people aren't looking at multiple apps and we can't really enforce if it showed up somewhere else then you can't post it here.

    If you're just looking for story rants then stories is probably better. I think stories is literally all the content you described. Much less content of course, but it's also a much more specific type.
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    I have to laugh at some of the reviews:
    Just goes to show that you can make money with anything if you can get on TV but maybe it takes some skill and experience to make a good product.

    A few quotes from reviewers who give 3 star ratings:

    "I bought this app to support Leo, but it's not that great of an app. Note: It's not Leo's fault, it's the god forsaken JavaScript->Android webapp framework."

    "Let's face it this app doesn't work. I paid for it because of the story behind it."
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    This is awesome! Anyone know what the app is about? And my 2 cents: I'm not really a fan of the sensationalist approach that's often taken by otherwise well-meaning people with the homeless. I feel like accepting the coding lessons was the obvious "here's a carrot" choice, but the hierarchy of needs wouldn't have put him in an unthinkable situation if he really needed to eat and had taken the $100 out of necessity. It's along the lines of those viral videos where somebody deliberately leaves money on a bench next to a sleeping homeless person, and then follows them around with a camera recording where they go to spend it. And then approach the homeless person after and try to guilt-trip them into admitting they found money on a bench and just took it, to see if this person who is down on their luck still "does the right thing." Anyway, even though I think that line of thinking is dehumanizing to some extent I know this guy's heart was in the right place, so don't mind me :)
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    Why so much hate on my post?@ScribeOfGoD
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    @shinoys I'm not hating you personally mate :)
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    @Greggergalactic imagine if people understood and used Facebook literally
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    Did anybody even Google the story? The guy quit a year later, remained homeless and requested all the money he made to be donated to something...
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    How's the man going to debug it if he can't afford a phone..
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    @shinoys You know, it’s important to not see everything as ones and zeros.
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    @cyberlord64 To be precise he doesn't even hold the money, it's under his ex-mentor's supervision. It mostly goes toward a storage space for Grant's stuff and month-to-month living. It's generally a pretty sad story. As Grant answered to the question if he's still programming: "Life gets in the way". Those are the words that depressed me the most in this whole story.
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    But how homeless person got a computer to code app?
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    For someone going that low and still have hope".

    This sentence is gold
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    @samBhargav the person teaching him..?
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    @ScribeOfGoD dude, this is the first time I've seen this one and honestly one of the few I wouldn't mind if I saw multiple times. There's nothing wrong with spreading compassion for our fellow humans combined with our love of tech as this post is trying to show.

    I feel your angst about meme posts but this probably wasn't the right battle to prove your point with.
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    @badcopnodonuts a meme is a meme is a meme. It could show the secret to life but 25 people posting it because it's they think no one's ever seen it before and that it hasn't been posted before and don't even bother looking if it has makes it worthless
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    @ScribeOfGoD if they don't know it's been posted before then what's the solution? Ban all memes and just be miserable cunts ranting about shit all day and leave some of the variety out of our community? I personally just scroll past if I've seen it before. Wastes 0.0000653 milliseconds of my life.
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    This isn't even a meme...
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    Meanwhile idiots online "want" to learn but don't have the resources...I guess they don't have YouTube access?
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