This is the single most important question of the year:
Where is a good Minecraft server service that can run FTB Modpacks?
My options are:
1 - A dedicated linux box with Minecraft management software with a port open to the world.
2 - Purchase a vps or something similar to host MC.
I have done 1, and it worked pretty well. It ran on a tiny A8 processor with 8GB ram and an SSD. I see services and they cost like 15 to 20 a month and seem like they are awfully stingy on storage. I can get an enterprise server for 30 a month, but I just asked (my webhost, who I really like) and they said they cannot run Minecraft servers. They said I would need a vps, and they don't have them yet. So I could dig around for a vps service and that is an option. I am really wary of "minecraft" branded services as many are outright ripoffs.

Thoughts? Successes? Just do it myself?

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    Currently running ona DO droplet, runs pretty smoothly
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    @alexbrooklyn as a docker container might I add
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    Well I ran some minecraft servers with my friends, and tried a few hosting platforms, I would suggest McProHosting and ShockByte.
    MCPH I found to be easier to mange and more automated, but more costly
    SB I found to be cheaper, still good tho

    For modpacks, I think 2-3GB would be enough(5$-7.5$ SB, 15$-20$ MCPH), you can always start with minimum(like 1GB) and then if the server is too slow, upgrade.
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    DigitalOcean droplets are good value for money and can be scaled as required. You need to set up everything from scratch though, unless perhaps there is a minecraft docker container around that automates some part
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    GCP compute engine with $300 free credits. :D
    I'm a peasant, yes.
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    I ended up using bisecthosting. About $15 a month to run the modpack I wanted to run. Everything up an running (including configuring via their interface) in about an hour. Everything works as expected.
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