what do you guys think of that 10,000 ppi screen?

what would you build with it if you had the time and resources?

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    how that new samsung display nano tech works is quite amazing. https://engadget.com/samsung-stanfo...

    I'm convinced one day displays will look like printed out photos just more vibrant.
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    Pretty pointless. The angular resolution of the human eye is about 0.02°. At 10k PPI, one pixel is 2.54µm. Doing some trigonometric math, you could not discern pixels anymore at a distance of 15mm, but that would still be within your eye because its depth is about 22-25mm.
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    AR (and ofc VR)
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    Nothing. It's an overkill of all overkills. Even your own retina is not as dense as that screen.
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    @Root Why would you need more resolution for that? That's not the bottleneck. On the same conventional monitor, a movie looks much more realistic than a computer game. The problem is not the display, but what's being displayed.
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    @Fast-Nop With AR the issue is, honestly, spatial processing. Hardware will catch up enough to make that easily viable, but the AR displays are still terrible because they’re all additive overlays, so all virtual objects glow and look incredibly fake. With the photorealistic display mentioned above, you could render both scene and virtual objects on an opaque display instead. No glow, and only as fake as you want things to look. The problem thereafter is inferring lighting and raytracing data from the scene, which is more difficult than it sounds. But thankfully these are easier to calculate given subsequent frames from different points of reference, and the user will always be moving.

    tl;dr: they would allow using normal blending instead of additive for AR objects without giving that screen door effect.
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    I can barely see pixels on my 2Ks... and I cannot detect a pixel even if I put my eye on the screen with my 5k.

    Higher pixel density than that is a waste. The eye cannot tell.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi the targeted use is apparently VR
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi Really? I can see the pixels on a 4K without even trying.
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    @Root I can definitely see them without too much effort at 2k. Can't even run 1080p anymore because it looks pixely as hell.

    But yeah, can't see a pixel at 5k.

    Maybe my eyes are just getting shittier.

    And I know nothing about VR or AR, so I concede to your points about that.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi It’s also harder on a mac due to the difference (read: huge improvement) in subpixel rendering. Not sure if that applies, but leaving it out there. It’s also easier to see if you look for the grid instead of the colors.
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