I hate people that always pretend to be super busy and occupied... But then the only argument they bring to the table for not working is

Yeah I have somany unread emails 👀📥

Then when I tell them I sort that shit out before the weekend, they complain they need to make time for that in their busy schedule of not reading emails, listening to spottify and chatting with colleagues 🤭

Yeah super busy boi

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    Pros mark some emails as unread after reading.
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    @Fast-Nop I'ma ctrl+a his inbox and do that action just to troll this fucker 🤭 never locks screen anyway
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    @karma Semi-embarrassing admission: I introduced a subtle off-by-one error in a coworker’s code because he outright refused to lock his machine when leaving, even for the weekend. His screensaver took 20 minutes to start, and with a high mouse sensitivity and foot traffic, his computer would often be showing off his editor for several hours after he left.

    Did it help? No.

    I didn’t expect it would, either. We had many conversations about privacy and user autonomy; he was simply unable to understand. He also gave his entire life to any and every service that so much as asked, so. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    I still feel a little bad about it.
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    haha epic
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    I just looked at my screen because I know I don’t read my emails and whoa! Lol

    missed calls : 3
    Text msgs : 4
    Unread emails : 2,652

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