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    omg 😆 solid internet gold
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    I... I don't like it.
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    Hey, it's very cool.
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    No. Just no.
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    I always ass ess my log two beast two to debtor mine my skills
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    Erm, it looks nice. Not sure about the quality of the content but the animations seem useful.
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    I bet this is ay for musii neuer illirilli daunwoad girl grew up and created this
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    I mean, if it lets you write code and asses on the same page, it can't be all bad.
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    OK. The voice is horrible.

    It's the same as eg indian explanation videos where the speech is like 3x faster than normal and the dialect hitting you like a gatling gun.

    The website and the explanation seem nice.

    But honestly - it won't help you in real life.

    You cannot learn coding by getting explained what to do.

    Most relevant part in coding is finding out what to do by your self.

    You can learn all the stupid mofucking algorithms by heart - but it's pretty useless when you don't know when and how to apply them.

    To do that, you'll need to learn and master your own problem solving process... And that's something you need to do by your self. Only oneself knows what's going on in the brain - and how the brain processes information.
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