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    fck php!
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    It's my favorite programming language to be honest 😫
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    @pxgamer because it was designed by a bunch of monkeys on meth
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    Because of It's maximum level of unprofessionalism :P
    For example, yesterday i learned about the php-function "is_a($variable, string $classname) to find out whether the variable is of the given type, or not.

    I sat there ~2 minutes, to realize the function name is no abbrevation, but meant to be human readable as coded...
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    Haters everywhere fuck you all
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    People hating on PHP nowadays probably still live in the past :)
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    Sorry I have to..

    Go fuck yourself :)
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    Wow it also seems like php developers don't have humour.

    Apply cream to that burn.
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    Hahaha, I like php though
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    I like it.

    Like Taylor Swift says.... Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate 😃
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